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Let Us Build Your Website and Increase Your Impact Online
Let Us Build Your Website and Increase Your Impact Online
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​What having a website will do for you

You will have increased:

  • Credibility. When people see the website, they will know that you are serious about your work and mission.
  • Visibility. With the right look and words, more people will see and find you.
  • Control. Tell your story, share your expertise in your way, with the structure you want.

This all leads to: IMPACT

"Working with Dr. Claire to create a website for our church was easy, smooth, and quick! I was amazed because I thought it would take too much of my time and energy, but she did all the heavy lifting. This website will help bring our church into the 21st century and help make disciples for Christ with technology." Rev. Lelar Williams

Why Getting a Website Is Easy For You

  • Simple. If you are a smaller church or an individual wanting to own your own story and platform, a simple website is the way to go. No flash and bang, but enough imagery and text to capture the imagination and attention and convey your information simply and effectively.
  • Effective while being Uncomplicated. You are not trying to impress with bells and whistles. Such websites take a longer time to build and maintain. They work well with dedicated staff. Instead, you want something that you and your visitors can navigate easily.
  • Affordable. Simple, effective, and uncomplicated means, affordable. You need less time to build and maintain it. This reduces cost. You know that this is important when you are on a limited budget.

A few words about your website designer

I have been designing and creating websites for the last 12 years for my programs and companies. I am well versed in simple websites that quickly convey information, as well as draw people in.

As a result, I appreciate the importance of owning your own web space that is tailored you and your goals. With a website, you determine which information you want to share and how you want to present it.

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​How It Works

​​So much easier than you think.
  • Fill in the form here to let me, your website designer, know that you are interested in having a website.
  • Set up a time for a consultation with me.
  • During that consultation we will discuss your needs, the process, and your investment.
  • If you decide to proceed, I will work out a detailed plan and present this to you.
  • Once we agree on the plan, I will build your site, with you providing the content.
  • You will have an opportunity to review it before it is finalized and made public.

Check Out Your Website Designer's Work

Click the image above to view the full website.

Click the image above to view the full website.

Click the image above to view the full website.


Your questions answered.
How long will it take you to create the website.

Two weeks from the date the agreement is signed, provided that you provide all materials requested in a timely manner.

I need a website, but I am not sure of all the content that I need to include.t.
Your website designer will guide you as the best content for you to select and/or create for your goals for the website.
Will getting the content for the website take up a lot of my time? I'm busy.
While you will need to set aside time to gather the content for the website, you will find that you already have much of it. E.g, you will know your mission, vision, goals, story, leaders, events and organizations, as appropriate.
I don't have a domain name. Can I still get a website.
If you do not yet have a domain name, not to worry. We will get you set up with one as part of the website design process.